Morgan Solar

Game-changing Solar CPV with 30%+ efficiency & $0.03/kWh LCOE

GLN Inc.

Programmatic advertising platform for online video


Private wireless networks for the Internet of Things


Artificial intelligence platform for automated crop health monitoring for 200%+ yield


P2P blockchain bill payment platform and mobile debit payment platform

Media Clips

Pond Technologies


Ronin8 Technologies

Deeper Perspective

Auracle Geospatial Science

Auracle has developed a breakthrough in data processing of Satellite Imagery. Through complex math algorithms they can create 3-D Radar Imagery, producing remarkable bedrock images that can see through nearly any obstacle, vegetation, over 100 metres of sands and soils, up to 200 metres of water and glaciers. When combined with Bathometric Photography, Auracle provides the most powerful infrastructure monitoring tool for borders, pipelines, railways, highways, dams and tailing ponds.

AMPD Game Technologies

AMPD Game Technologies provides the most robust infrastructure for the multi-billion dollar international video game industry to access North American markets. Located on the main telecommunications pipe, AMPD can deliver lowest lag time and highest operational efficiencies through its online game hosting platform. It also provides products and services to enable North American studios to build better games faster and a Metro Area Network for cost efficiencies servicing some of the most active names in the industry.

Flexiti Financial

Flexiti Financial is a financial technology company offering point-of-sale consumer financing solutions to retailers on an award-winning tablet-based application process. Flexiti offers various promotional financing plans to merchants such as “24 equal payments” or “no interest, no payments for a year”. It has developed the fastest credit approval technology in the industry and a proprietary 100% paperless process. The entire application process takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Flexiti focuses on prime customers and its portfolio has an average credit score of 720 and average household income of $90,000+.

HGI Industries

HGI Industries’ has created cutting edge ultra violet hydroxyl generating technology which has been at the forefront of high volume odor processing, air-decontamination and air-purification for the past decade. Their machines are used to clean the air and surfaces in confined spaces in medical, industrial, commercial, and residential buildings that suffer from bacteria, viruses, mold, smoke damage and/or other contamination. HGI’s patented technology is the world’s only scientifically proven non-contained Hydroxyl Generator. This non-chemical device provides an environmentally safe solution for removing odors and destroying disease.

Ionomr Innovations

Ionomr Innovations has discovered a breakthrough in Anion Exchange Membranes. Their trademarked patent pending Aemion membrane is the most durable and versatile high-performance anion-exchange membrane ever synthesized. Their Aemion membranes are over 3x the toughness of Nafion® under all conditions and can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost. Integrators have reported very high current densities using Aemion in high performance operations for electrolyzers, and reverse electrodialysis.

Ioticiti Networks

Ioticiti Networks is positioning to build the largest independently owned cross border infrastructure for the Internet of Things for Machine-to-Machine communication. Ioticiti has acquired over 160 Spectrum Licenses in the US covering the top 50 US cities and a population base of over 240 Million people. Ioticiti has been granted its Spectrum License in Ontario and approved for issuance in Quebec. Ioticiti has become the only USA and Canada Carrier and may be the only competitive alternative to the National Cell carriers.

GLN has a proprietary machine learning platform that streamlines the automated advertising process to improve audience targeting, increase profitability and reduce brand risk. The company operates in the programmatic advertising sector – the automated buying and selling of online advertisements. The company is focused on an accretive acquisition strategy to maximize growth. GLN primarily operates as a SaaS and has four core revenue streams: programmatic video ad sales, technology licensing, custom development, and consulting services.

Morgan Solar is disrupting the energy industry with game changing solar technology. Their revolutionary concentrated solar panels deliver significantly higher efficiency than conventional PV panels, while achieving equivalent electricity generation in a smaller size. Morgan Solar also provides end to end infrastructure solutions to solar farms through their proprietary sun tracker system. Competitive advantages extend into manufacturing bringing the cost of solar in line with the cheapest energy sources.

Pond Technologies

Pond has developed and patented a Carbon Dioxide Digestive platform to converts CO2 waste streams into bio mass by creating optimal growth conditions for virtually any algae strain. Their Bio Reactor technology has proven algae growth rates over 50 times a natural environment, creating new economic paradigms for production of high value nutraceuticals, moderate value bio fuels and creating the first ever large scale continuous streaming process to treat carbon dioxide waste streams. Pond Technologies is a semi finalist for the $20 Million Carbon X-Prize.

Ronin8 Technologies

Ronin8 has developed a patent pending closed loop recycling process to recover precious metals and high value products from the fastest growing waste stream of our time: electronic waste. Their revolutionary non-toxic, water based sonic vibration process maybe the first in the world to reclaim near 100% of input materials. They produce 3 valuable output streams, a metals concentrate of Gold, Silver, Copper, Palladium, a high quality long fiber stream, and recycled plastics.