Diversified Portfolio

We invest in a diversified portfolio of high growth private companies through equity hedged by flexible dividend streams.

Right People

Pyfera is comprised of entrepreneurs who understand the complexities of building a successful company.

Unique Structure

A unique financing structure that seeks to
benefit both investors and the businesses we


British Columbians are employed by over 9,000 tech companies, generating $23B in annual revenue according to the Provincial Technology Ministry. That’s more than in Mining, Forestry, and Oil & Gas combined.

Pyfera is positioned to take advantage of strong early stage growth in technology and sustainability. Hundreds of startup companies are maturing past incubation and entering commercialization. This is creating an opportunity which is supported by shifting markets, timing, and Canadian valuations that may provide investors significant upside potential. Our unique funding structure aims to support world class businesses and help entrepreneurs reach the next level.




Management Team

Pyfera is an investment company established to support the commercialization of high growth Series A companies in technology & sustainability. We build funding partnerships by participating in equity positions that are hedged with a royalty, interest coupon or dividend. Pyfera’s entrepreneur friendly capital positions us perfectly to transition the best of these opportunities into world class businesses by providing deep sector expertise & access to a global rolodex of executives and follow-on growth capital.





Flexible Structure

Our investment strategy is flexible. We are open to all opportunities, however the majority of our portfolio is under the Pyfera Royalty model. The remainder is in special projects, which allows us to maximize opportunities that benefit shareholders.


Whether you’re looking for quick and efficient access to capital, a unique financing structure with value-add partners, or simply to de-risk your business while minimizing dilution – Pyfera can help.


Looking to put your capital to work? We allow investors to make an equity investment and receive dividends in a diverse portfolio of private companies. Call us or send an email to learn more.

Pyfera Growth Capital is a uniquely structured Investment Company

That seeks high growth in equity, and continuous
cash flows from dividends.



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